Mia, 6.

My Autism helps me have a good memory and play music really good. I love playing piano. I play piano all the time, it makes me happy and calm. It helps me share my feelings. I like making my own songs. I’ve got lots of energy and love to exercise and I can do 4 cartwheels in a row. My favourite colour is yellow and I love ladybugs. My mum, my dad, my sister, and especially my dog Chino and cat Fluffy make up my personal I CAN Network. I have a really big family as well.

Katie, Mia’s mum.

Mia is six and in grade one. She is a lovely, talented, strong and sweet girl, who loves using her imagination and spending time with family and friends. Mia preferred to chat with her teachers in Kinder, and did find it a bit hard to try and chat to other girls her age. Mia loves yellow and ladybugs, and that’s why she wanted to create a fun group for girls who shared her journey, the Yellow Ladybugs. Mia has been so proud to see girls coming from all over Melbourne wearing their Yellow Ladybugs t-shirts, and thinks it’s “just the best”.

Girls have Autism too; and we need to celebrate, recognise and support the unique needs and differences of our Autistic girls. A world that embraces Autism is one with more opportunities for support, regardless of language skill, IQ, or academic ability. For example, looking at the invisible needs of a child at school (which are often overlooked; in particular for Autistic girls in mainstream school), and providing early and ongoing support when needed.

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The I CAN Network is ensuring that Mia grows up in a world that celebrates her strengths. We want every school, workplace and community to embrace the Autism Spectrum. We need you to help us create this future.

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