An I CAN School® is a school that benefits from embracing Autism. We work with students, parents and teachers to create inclusive schools that celebrate the individual strengths of people on the Autism Spectrum. Our mentoring program is available for both primary and secondary schools.

‘The greatest development is how students are presenting much more confidently in other environments’

– Teacher, I CAN School

An I CAN School® is a school community that benefits from embracing Autism. We provide flexible packages to schools that include fortnightly mentoring sessions for people on the Autism Spectrum, motivational talks to the school and to parents, and professional development for school staff. Students at an I CAN School® are also eligible for preferential registration to our quarterly I CAN Camps.

Our mentoring program has been designed by students and adults on the Autism Spectrum, family members, teachers, principals, and health and education professionals. Our mentoring programs develop self-acceptance, belonging, optimism and confidence. It focuses on preparing students for transitions to high school, TAFE and university, developing core employment skills, and providing participants with leadership opportunities.

As our mentors are predominantly on the Autism Spectrum, participating schools are creating employment opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum. They join a growing movement of schools and businesses that share our vision – a world that benefits from embracing Autism.

Primary Schools

In primary schools, we recognise that many students don’t have a diagnosis, or their diagnosis has not been disclosed. Our primary school mentoring programs are called ‘Imagination Clubs – for students with big imaginations’.

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