An I CAN University or TAFE is one whose culture benefits from embracing Autism. Our I CAN Universities and TAFEs program delivers key peer-to-peer mentoring support to tertiary students who are on the Autism Spectrum. We work closely with our host universities to implement meaningful cultural change across the university and adapt existing policies and procedures to empower students on the spectrum. We also offer social activities and academic mentors for members of our university networks, to enable them to fulfill their social and academic potential.

The core features of the program are the following:

Peer-to-peer mentoring for student retention and employment

Regular mentoring sessions empower domestic and international students on the Autism Spectrum to navigate higher education. These sessions are facilitated by a Network Leader and Mentor, one of whom is a senior student on the spectrum.


Students empower each other to voice their learning needs to staff and connect different university services.

Networking and social connections

Students are given opportunities to connect with the activities of the wider I CAN Network community.

School mentoring

Student mentees are given the opportunity to mentor high school students on the Autism Spectrum to raise aspirations.

I am a university staff member

Only 19% of people on the autism spectrum will achieve a post-school qualification. Together we CAN change that! The I CAN Network is always looking to partner with new Universities to enable us to support students on the spectrum to remain in their education and fulfil their potential. If you feel that your university would benefit from an I CAN Network of its own, contact us!

I want to join the network at my university

Every network meeting is a safe, enabling environment where everyone is welcome. We support each other through issues that may arise from being at university and build our communication skills and confidence. Feel free to come along – we even supply food! Contact us.

I'm a university student and want to be a mentor

We are always looking for students who want to help others succeed in their university studies. Come along to one of our meetings or drop us an email expressing your interest. Bring your academic skills and a positive attitude! Students on the Autism Spectrum are urged to apply to become a mentor or join our program today!

I’m a secondary student who wants to go to university

At I CAN, we believe that too few young people on the Autism Spectrum are enabled to achieve higher education. A big part of this problem is the troubling transition period between high school and university or TAFE. We offer special open days through our university networks where a mentor will show you around a university and introduce you to its existing support group. We will stand with you through your transition from high school and help you settle in to university life. Contact us.


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